Peace to you





My name is Bob Payne.  I created this site to pass along some of my thoughts.

Like you, I've found that life is full of ups and downs and it often doesn't exactly make sense.  I have explored and looked at life through different religious traditions.  In a nutshell, I have come to recognize that we make life, religion and spirituality much harder than it needs to be.  So, I have lightened-up.  In doing so, I find myself more aware of the reality of the present moment and the depth of everyday interactions.  There is a beauty, a lightness, and a playfulness that we often miss.

So, kick your shoes off, relax, and slow down a bit.  Ponder an inspirational saying or two.  Read a blog.  Take your time.   You are welcome here.

If you are feeling burdened, I hope this site offers you some respite.  

Blogs and sayings can be reached from the links at the top of the page.  You can subscribe by using the box below.  

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All the best to you!